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Brain Games For the New Middle Aged

I find it hard to believe that some of us as we approach our fifties and sixties are having difficulty engaging our money , I always thought it was a matter of use it or lose it.runescape money , Is it possible that some of us have been spending too much time with our brains in a state of disengagement?

Perhaps the problem is that some of us have nothing worthwhile to think about any more.runescape gold , Maybe the difficulty is that we can find almost all the answers to our questions on Google, and there is no longer any need to think independently. Maybe it is because we think that supplements will exercise our brains for us without any effort on our part.

Ie got a great idea, why don we invent a game that requires us to think independently again. Let start by agreeing to calculate our restaurant tips in our heads without benefit of pocket calculators by doubling the bill and placing a decimal point after the first digit as the tip. An example would be a $40 dining bill doubled would equal $80 or an $8.00 tip. Come on let be generous for a change. You can round off if you want.

Now that you have gotten the idea, how about you thinking up all the little daily actions you now do by computer or calculator that you could do in your head. That it; you are starting to think again. Isn it amazing, you are using your brain? Before you know it you will be remembering your home telephone number without benefit of speed dial. Be sure you have properly trained your brain before you try this last brain game. I wouldn want you calling you girlfriend or boyfriend by mistake when you meant to call your wife or your husband. If you are single it really doesn matter what you remember. The telephone number of the person you met in the bar last night is probably the hot line number for the IRS. Sometimes it doesn pay to play brain games.

I think that some of us in our fifties or sixties have a real advantage when trying to exercise our brains because this is the type of thing we had to do on a regular basis when we were younger, before speed dialing, Google and other mind numbing supports were available.

You remember the days when pulling out a pocket calculator to figure the tip on a dinner bill was considered a no, no, don you? We have real life experience training in handling situations like this with nothing but our own brains to rely on. Maybe that why we are staying younger longer. Maybe that why we are part of the new middle-aged group. Maybe having a little more faith in our own abilities and in God, will provide us with the ultimate brain game.

Arthur Levine is a freelance writer of articles, sales letters, and press releases who usually includes an element of faith in his writing. He specializes in marketing to people over fifty. He is the author of five novels and The Magic of Faith.


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