Nike Air Max shoes: A Revolutionary Way of Footwear


Nike Air Max shoes: A Revolutionary Way of Footwear

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The primary Nike Air Max 2014 Ανδρικα shoes were sandals that date back nearly myriad years. Since they were designed to protect the feet from jagged rocks and rough terrain, the fabric of had to be tough. Leather and other animal hides were often employed in early footwear. But shoes weren't worn by most humans until recently, when man-made materials built them into less expensive. More surprising is still the particular discalced individuals rarely suffered major foot injuries.

The initial Nike Air Max 2014 greece shoes was developed by Karl Muller, a Swiss engineer. Like the majority of great ideas, it was the consequence of selfishness. That's, the designer a personal problem he wanted to solve for himself. Like numerous men around the world, Karl Muller had knee problems. But over a sojourn in Korea, he learned that his discomfort was drastically reduced when he walked on a soft su***ce, like grass or sand, in their bare feet. His inquisitive and scientific mind could not rest until he discovered why this became.

His investigations lead him a great African tribe known as the Masai (or Maasai). As outlined by anthropologists who had endured and studied the Masai people, they didn't wear shoes. In addition , they happened to own nearly perfect posture, which meant that they rarely suffered from back or joint. The only real logical conclusion was that modern footwear inhibits our power to attain perfect posture.

Inspired by his simple discovery, Muller developed a shoes that might simulate walking barefoot on soft earth. As being a former athlete, he knew the Nike Air Max 2014 γυναικεια shoes was required to protect the feet, but that it must present a challenge, since walking without running shoes requires more energy. His shoes design was call the rocker sole shoes because doing so has a thick, rounded sole. It's got many imitators and recent reports estimate that as much as 200,000 pairs are actually sold since they were first offered in American within the mid 1990s.

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